World's best throttle lock cruise control.

The EasyRide cruise control is a newly developed product. It is an electromagnetic locking device that has revolutionized the way motorcycle throttle locks operate. It is unlike anything else on the market. Absolutely worth every penny and more. Easy to set, releases with tap of front or rear brake. Quick and easy speed corrections.

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(Now Available In Chrome and Black)

 If necessary (or preferred), the throttle can be easily forced to turn while in the locked position. Normally you would simply disengage the unit before turning the throttle (which is quick and easy to do for speed changes). For convenience as well as safety, the unit will disengage upon tapping or applying the front or rear brake (operates off of the brake light switch).

The ring rests lightly against the cruise control body. The ring hole has a tooth that slides in the groove of the new throttle tube which causes the ring to turn with the throttle tube. When the cruise control is on, the electromagnet in the cruise control causes the ring to stick to the cruise control body which in turn locks the throttle tube, preventing it from turning, holding it into position.

The replacement throttle tube allows for all standard length hand grips to fit perfectly.

The reflection of the ring can be seen on the polished cruise control body.

Notice the small thumb-activated rocker switch. Quick and effortless to operate.

3 Piece set;  also includes the silicone adhesive.

As you can see in the videos, this cruise control device is quite amazing and unique. It has been time tested by us for over two years on our own motorcycles. Still new on the market, it is without a doubt the world’s very best throttle lock cruise control device. Be the first in your circle of people (or city or maybe even state) to have one. No other product compares.

Designed to fit on handlebars (or clip-on bars) that are either 7/8 inch (22mm) or 1 inch (25.4mm) in outside diameter. Be sure to measure yours before you order to insure you receive the right one.

QUESTIONS? For product or support questions, feel free to contact us:

REMEMBER: to measure your handle bars or clip-on bar before ordering (see above). Also see Mounting Requirements.

Color Options:
Chrome or Black

You will receive the following:
Cruise Control Unit With Ring
Replacement Throttle Tube
Silicone Mounting Adhesive
Complete Mounting Instructions
Simple Wiring Diagram
Responsive Email Support

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Risk Free Purchase!