“Easy Ride” Throttle Lock Cruise Control

Here at Mag Throttle Store, we have investigated and tested various throttle lock cruise control devices and was fortunate enough to stumble upon this relatively new product. To our knowledge, we are currently the only U.S. distributor.

This device is absolutely incredible. If you have ever tried other types of throttle locks, then you know how awkward they can be to use. With the Easy Ride TS-6 there is nothing to twist, screw in and out, no clamping operation, and no need to force the throttle to turn while the unit is locked (although you can). There are no “whoa – get this thing off now” urgent scrambling moments in order to avoid an accident. The Easy Ride disengages automatically when you apply the brake (front or rear). For quick and easy speed corrections, it only takes a light tap on either the front or rear brake, enough to make the brake lights come on, adjust your speed, then turn it back on with the easy application of the thumb switch; or if you prefer, you can quickly and easily make speed corrections by flipping the thumb switch off, adjust speed, then flip switch back on.

Once you get used to it, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it. I have to admit, I wouldn’t pay 2 cents for any of the other types. I am so spoiled now. Installation is easy enough for anyone to do and there is highly responsive email support available as well.