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Yamaha with TextThis cruise control device is quite amazing and unique. It has been time tested by us for over two years on our own motorcycles. Still new on the market, it is without a doubt the world’s very best throttle lock cruise control device. Be the first in your circle of people (or city or maybe even state) to have one. No other product compares.

Designed to fit on handlebars (or clip-on bars) that are either 7/8 inch (22mm) or 1 inch (25.4mm) outside diameter. Be sure to measure yours before you order to insure you receive the right one. If you have questions about the product, feel free to Contact us. After using your new throttle lock cruise control, please leave a review below.

2 Responses to “Welcome to Mag Throttle Store!

  • I’ve waited to long to order this cruise control, i don’t know why.
    BUT !!!
    In this time of corona I asked MagThrottle if they could deliver on time for my planned vacation.
    Sadly the answer was . . no . . but . . .when they did see where I lived they helped me by shipping it direct from the factory to me in my country.
    Great job.
    After a nice piece of work I am now a proud and happy user of a cruise control on my Kawasaki VN900.


  • I purchase 2 of this cruise control in black color, I did installed one of them on my 2012 yamaha raider & after few month of research from a lot of different options on the market never found what I was looking for> “SAFETY” as Im a truck driver I finally ended choosing the magthrottle for the simple safety reason that this great invention make me enjoy my ride down the road with out any worries on any emergecy stopping situations shutting down the magthrottle pressing front brake or foot brake thinking on thats the first thing we do on any emergency situation when we are driving, even has a great look as my bike is mostly black you don’t even notice that the magthrottle it’s there looks like it came with the bike from factory & is very simple to installed. “I ADD A PLUS OPTION THAT DOES NOT COME ON THE INTRUCTIONS CAUSE DOES NOT WORK WITH ALL BIKES” my yamaha raider has hydraulic clutch and under the clutch lever has an little neutral switch and I did connect the white wire for the brake light to a 5 pins relay and from there to the brake light and to clutch neutral switch so now my bike diactivate the magthrottle pressing front brake, rear brake or even the clutch. I am very happy with my magthrottle recomended to any one and remember “SAFETY FIRST”, THANKS MAGTHROTTLE.


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